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Captain Katana
Captain Katana is the fearless leader of the Space HamstersTM. He is also president of Planet Ham and uses his magical samurai sword in animal rescue emergencies.

Ruby likes to snuggle and collect Ham SnaxTM to share with the other Space HamstersTM. Ruby also likes to exercise in the Hamnasium on Planet Ham.

Monty is a practical joker and likes to play pranks on the other Space HamstersTM. Monty is also captain of the H.F.O. and likes to collect Magic Crystals.

Sinjin means king and this Space HamsterTM thinks he is just that. He is outspoken and likes to surf and skateboard with Piper when not rescuing animals.

Piper and Sinjin are best friends. Piper can mimic any noise an animal makes which comes in handy during rescue missions. She likes to play the piano and do gymnastics in her spare time on Planet Ham.

Sam The Grease Ham
Sam is the mechanic for HASA (Hamster Animal Safety Association) and services the H.F.O.'s (Hamster Flying Objects) and Hambo Car.

Disco Ham
Disco Ham is wild, fun and unpredicatble. He can be found floating around the solar system in The Space HamstersTM © app. He is always hungry for Ham Snax and loves to collect stardust.

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